Pirate's Cove Play Set with Accessories

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Ahoy, matey! This is the perfect play set for any young pirate fan!

This large set comes complete with wooden pirate ship, pirate hide-out and a scout tower to keep an eye out for the enemy.

There is lots to play with and it will keep them entertained for hours, it comes complete with 4 pirates ready for action.  There are also cannons that light up at the touch of a button and a treasure chest that lights up.

5 pieces of furniture and a long rope ladder are included along with a crane to move the treasure from the ship to the hide out.

If that isn't enough it is also brilliantly decorated with lots of details like stone walls, fire places and more, there is even a jail or lock up to lock up any prisoners you might have captured.

Big enough for more then one child to play with at once.

Size 47 x 24 x 55 cm